Loan Signing Service

Our mobile real estate loan signings services allow us to complete closings in the borrower or sellers home, place of business, or other venues we agree upon.  We also have access to both an attorney’s office and title company office for HELOC closings.

Standard Signing Agent Fees (prices based on 1 – 2 signers and single loan. Additional fees for more than two signers and/or more than one loan):

Signing of Loan Documents:   Starts @  $175.00

Pricing for loan document signing depends on:

  • the type of loan signing
  • number of signers
  • location of loan signing
  • time of loan signing
  • method of delivery/return of signed loan documents
  • method of receipt of loan documents
  • method of payment

Additional Fees:

Email documents print fee:     $25.00  (up to 130 pages)

Fax Backs – Start @ $25.00 (critical docs – less than 50 pages)

Document Pickup/Delivery Fee:  $50.00

Standard fees include up to 20 miles round trip.

Round trip travel:  21 to 35 miles incurs additional $25.00 fee

**Additional fee for after hours (signings that start between 7 pm and 8 am) $50 – $250

Some last minute signings or unusual circumstances may incur an additional fee.

Additional services are provided such as printing, faxing, shipping, etc.

Please call first for a price quote before paying online.